I worked as a UX/UI Designer for one of the Big Four professional services networks in the world. From 2015 until 2017 I formed part of the design team at TheTin, a Brand & Technology agency based in London.

This project involved working closely with the client global teams to find the best solutions for their digital needs, using an agile methodology and usability testing for any proposed improvement.

The project's core was to develop their global digital brand, creating accessible and responsive web components and templates for their global network and campaign microsites.

Consultancy firm, a project designed by Teo Ardoy

I helped set up the main desing principles included in the client's digital guidelines, covering application of the brand identity across different channels and devices and specifying best practices.

As part of their team, my work included several key responsibilities such as:

  • Collaborate closely with the design team to conceptualise, adapt, and iterate on visual design concepts.
  • Balancing design intuition, business requirements and customer needs.
  • Analysing user testing results, user insights and feedback.
  • Prototyping ideas using pen and paper, Sketch and Invision.
  • Documenting potential enhancements and solutions.
  • Supporting front-end and back-end developers on design and usability issues.
  • Designing user interfaces and digital experiences for web, mobile and tablet.
  • Creating brand guidelines for different target audiences (marketing, design and developers).
Consultancy firm, a project designed by Teo Ardoy
Consultancy firm, a project designed by Teo Ardoy
Consultancy firm, a project designed by Teo Ardoy